I only make a point to get a Topps factory set of the base football and baseball sets, usually at Target when they hit the shelves.

I'm turned off at today's prices for cards. I know there's inflation, but $1.99 for a 12 Topps cards is way too high. Now they create Topps opening day and Topps Total with lower suggested retail pricing. I bought a pack of each and didn't think much of them. I'd prefer that they reduce the number of sub-brands. For example, why doesn't Topps look to simply increase the number of cards in their base set. Why do they even need an opening day or Total. I just don't get that. Given that they release in series, it seems like they could do 3 or 4 series and incorporate just about everyone in a base set, including a more representative history of each season that mirrors what is going on with some 3 month delay.

I was very irked (polite word) at the Topps Traded short-print job pulled in 2002. I still haven't bought that set (~$125 on ebay). If you ask me, Topps should make this up to the collector by offering a factory price on it.

I did bust 3 packs of Topps Fan Favorites when I saw a re-done 1977 Rod Carew (photo used on cover of Time magazine, better overall). I got that in one of the 3 packs along with a 1977 George Foster (original is a better photo). I'm going to send in the 77 Carew to SGC. The only post 1990 cards I've sent for grading are 2001 Topps Ichiro and a 1997 Master Tiger Woods.

As for Upper Deck, Fleer, Donruss and all the rest. They have some nice stuff but it's just overload and expensive to even dabble in it. I'd prefer to go for the vintage cards, where a Mint card or NM/MT is a real collecting challenge, not to mention I have more of a kid/fan relation to the players.

I was prompted to post this because I was tire of seeing Vayank's Mike Lowell is hot message. Lowell isn't as hot as he was, and now I think he is actually hurt.

Win Twins!

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