Today represents 36 business days since SGC received my submission on June 30th. Since then I've:
- Celebrated the 4th of July.
- Sweated through the Seattle Mariners again not making a move at the July 31st trading deadline.
- Taken the first two weeks of August off on vacation.

What I haven't seen is a hint that my cards have been graded and on the way back to me. So far I've submitted seven batches of cards to SGC, and this is the second time it's taken an extraordinary time for a batch to return. Am I just lucky, or what? This is sure an interesting interpretation of 20 day turnaround.

I am so discouraged I am putting on hold all my current attempts to build a 1969 Topps baseball set via SGC. I may just dump my current holdings and move on to something that move faster than glacier speed.

Discouraged in Washington State,