I am just curious to hear what you all think are some of the best vintage sets you ever collected. The judging criteria would be aesthetic appeal (it looks nice) and player quality (good rookie crop, good amount of stars, etc). Here's my list...

1. 1975 Topps - I don't think I have to go into too much detail on this one.
2. 1983 Topps - Gwynn, Boggs, Sandberg, Super Veterans, two player pictures on the front (first time ever, I believe)
3. 1971 Topps - The backs weren't all that, but the black bordered fronts were excellent. Alot of underrated rookies (Garvey, Blyleven, Foster, Baker/Baylor, Simmons, Concepcion)

I never had the funds to make the obvious super sets like 52 Topps, 55 Bowman, etc.