Man, he is good. Sounds like he was well coached by Mr. Hardin. Never called McNamee a liar. Showed just enough anger to appear believable. Used contractions (didn't vs. did not) which is a sign he is being truthful. Reminds me of Clinton who tried it but didn't inhale. I could imagine he took it in the buttocks, but told the guy he didn't want to know what it was (plausible deniability), didn't like what it did to him or how it made him feel, and then both agreed never to speak a word of it. He sounded more angry that McNamee broke their pact than anything else. Of course, with the editors at 60 M, who knows? One legal professor came on the news and guaranteed there would be somebody suing somebody over this, even before the piece ran. Roger's line to Wallace in that vein was a question like what do you want me to do, keep throwing money at it and no one's mind will be changed? Very strange interview. I read where Mike Wallace is 89 years old. Most of us should hope we can still put multi-syllabic sentences together at that age.
#1 in 1959 Topps. Officially known as Assassin according to stanthemanfan 3/31/2014 and god of minor league basketball according to cammb.