Here's a post that outlines the do's and don'ts of submitting for anyone who may be unsure. Please feel free to ask any questions!

What holder should I use to send my cards?

- The absolute best holders to use when submitting cards are Card Saver I semi-rigid holders. These are flexible holders that allow a card to be put in and taken out with no risk of damage. Toploaders are usually fine to use but you have to be careful as they don't 'hug' the card like Card Savers and cards can actually slip in transit.

- We do not accept card in screw downs, lucite holders, penny sleeves only, 9 pocket pages, or raw in boxes. All of these methods slow down the process and risk damage to the cards.

What should I pack my cards with?

- It is best to submit your cards in a sturdy box packed tightly with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or newspaper. Rubber band a stack of Card Savers and pack them securely. Taping them together is not advised as the tape can sometimes be hard to remove. Using pieces of cardboard to stabilize cards is another good idea. Tape the box securely, but do not tape it too much as the box can then become hard to open and risk damaging the cards.

How should I send my cards to you?

- We recommend the Postal Service or Fed Ex when sending cards. A tracking number is very important as it will let you know that we've received the order and comes in handy if an order is taking longer to arrive than normal. Insurance is another thing that should be used on orders when sending to us as it protects you against loss or damage.

Do I need to write my invoice number on each holder?

- No you do not need to write your invoice number on each holder. One helpful thing for the receiving department is keeping your cards in the order they are listed on the invoice. This allows them to verify all cards are present and find any discrepancies quickly.

Do I need to write the service level on the outside of the box?

- This is not necessary, but can be helpful on any orders that are for same day or next day services. Simply writing 'Immediate', 'Walk Thru', or 'Next Day' near the address label will help ensure your order is handled quickly and turned around on time.

How can I pay?

- Payment is due upon receipt of an order. Credit card payment is the easiest way to pay as we can make adjustments in the event of a miscalculation and we can keep it on file for future orders. Payment by check or money order is also accepted.

These are the basics that we're asked most often. A more detailed listing can be found at

If you think of any other questions, just let me know!

Brian Dwyer