Hi Guys,

We wanted to bring the terms and conditions of the board back to the forefront since there are so many new members. If you have any questions, please let us know.




Welcome to the SGC Message Board and thank you for your participation.

The purpose of the message board is to encourage on-topic discussion of sportscards and the sportscard hobby among registered users.

These message boards will be monitored by SGC appointed moderators. Any thread and/or post containing inappropriate language, nudity, links to adult websites, or any other offensive content will be either edited, deleted or locked at the sole discretion on the moderators.

Any user who threatens another user or uses inflammatory language will be subject to permanent banishment from the message boards. SGC also retains the right to remove any thread, post and/or user that violates the above or engages in subject matter that SGC deems not related to the sportscards or the sportscard hobby in general.

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter and hope that you find these boards to be a good place to discuss sportscards and meet other collectors.

Brian Dwyer