I just was told that Kevin Burge's crew has counterfiet thats right I said COUNTERFIET 2001 Bowman Chrome Albert Pujols Signed Rc's.

I know for a FACT that at least 3 have got letters of rejection from Jsa. I know at the Philly show last weekend. Psa, Bgs & Sgc refused to grade slab & authenticate them also.

Bgs wont slab them because the numbering is wrong, Psa wont because the signature wont pass & Sgc wont slab them because they cant pass authentication.

I also kow that Bgs slabed a couple of them in the pass but I dont have a # of how many. I dont if know Psa has slabbed any but its a possibility.

I was told that they do have the sticker on them. I was told the dead give away is the the fake auto's doesnt have a true 2001 signature that the coutherfieters signed the card in a later style.

Its sad that these scum bags have tarnished the greatest modern day card. I feel & many other people in the industry that they have a person on the inside at Topps. That would help explain how they get all those NFL photo shoot cards.

This topic isnt open for debate. You want to dismiss my claim thats fine but you were warned.

Best regards!

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