I've mentioned a few times on this board that I am in the process of putting together low to mid-grade SGC Registry Sets of 1933 Goudey and 1935 Goudey. When I started these sets earlier this year, I was frustrated by the lack of SGC graded examples available on eBay in auction format and most sellers (with a few exceptions, such as Joe's Vintage Sportscards) had very unreasonable BIN prices. So I started snatching up PSA 3 and 4 examples through auctions with the intention of crossing them over to SGC. The results so far have not been good. Here they are:

1933 Goudey
#4 Schuble - PSA 3 ---> SGC 30
#9 Harris - PSA 3 ---> SGC 40
#10 Myatt - PSA 4 ---> SGC 40
#13 Thompson - PSA 3 ---> SGC 40
#15 Sorrell - PSA 3 ---> SGC 40
#17 Clark - PSA 3 ---> SGC 40
#18 Ruel - PSA 4 ---> SGC 50
#32 Clancy - PSA 4 ---> SGC 40
#45 Benton - PSA 4 ---> SGC 40
#91 Zachary - PSA 3 ---> SGC 40

1935 Goudey (4-in-1)
Dickey, etc. - PSA 5.5 ---> SGC 70
Brandt, etc. - PSA 5 ---> SGC 60
Cronin, etc. - PSA 5 ---> SGC 50

(Thank goodness the Dickey crossed over)

Out of the 13 PSAs that I submitted for cross-over, 8 received the same grade, 5 were downgraded 1 grade, and zero were upgraded. Not a good showing for PSA and it doesn't give me much confidence in PSA's ability to accurately grade lower-grade prewar cards.

I guess the moral of the story, which I've heard on this board before, is "buy the card, not the holder." Unless, in my opinion, the card is in an SGC holder. It's only SGC-graded, higher grade PSAs, or good-looking raw cards for me going forward.

I guess this has been a good learning experience for me (I'm new to the vintage card thing) as I am taking a much closer look at cards in PSA holders before buying/bidding. It has also affirmed my confidence in SGC's high standards for quality and consistency in grading.

I have a few more '33 cross-overs submitted to SGC - I'll update this post once those have been graded.

Has anyone had similar experiences with crossing over from PSA?

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