I was exchanging PMs with "goldenhawk" and he told me that he didn't know how to post pics. This is for him or anybody else that needs help.

1.) You need to open a Photobucket (or other image hosting website) account. Load scans to Photobucket.

2.) If you want to post multiple images to SGC (or other message board), it's easier and quicker to have two browsers open - one for Photobucket and one for SGC

2.) When you drag your mouse over a Photobucket image, it will highlight the image and give you options. Copy the "Direct link" option.

3.) Go back to SGC and click the 3rd icon on the menu bar. It says "Enter an image."

4.) A box should pop up allowing you to paste the image. You may get a pop up blocker message like this. If so, just select "Temporarily Allow Scripted Windows."

5.) When the box pops up, paste the image that you copied from Photobucket. Select "OK."

6.) Should look something like this.

Repeat the process for other images. I'm not sure what the maximum numer of allowable images is (maybe someone else knows?).

You may want to preview your post before you select "Submit."

Same process works for other message boards as well.
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