Since the guys at SGC seem to be swamped lately (and since Brian has offered to help with this issue when able), I had an idea.

I thought that it would be helpful to provide a thread where we could point out any cards we're having problems with adding to our Registry sets, with the hopes that either Earl (or Brian) will be able to follow up on our requests and make the cards go through.

I'll start with 3 cards that I already have in my Type Set Registry, but I am not able to put them in any of my other sub sets...

1. 1228248-005 W575-1 E. Sheely 60 (W card type set)
2. 1261259-058 R303-B M. Kreevich 50 (Goudey type set)
3. 1284917-001 Indianapolis Brewing R. Russell 40 (M card back type set)

I hope that it's OK to post a thread like this!


My White Sox prewar set