Hey, guys,

This is my first time post and only second visit to the forum after a recommendation to come ask the experts... but I have a 1969 Topps Lew Alcindor rookie card that I bought in 1969 when I was 7 years old in a 10 cent pack of the Topps cards. Of course the bubble gum is long gone, but I held on to a bunch of these cards in a wooden box my Daddy made for me to hold stuff. Somewhere around 1990 I bought one of the plexiglas/plastic 4-corner screw holders and have had it in it ever since, so it never gets directly handled anymore.

Anyway, I'm posting a couple of high res JPG scans that I just made here at my office to see what you think it would grade and what it might be worth. If it's worth the right money I'll go through whatever channels I need to in order to grade and sell it, but I'm just interested to see what you guys have to say about it.

I have some other cards, too, that I may scan eventually.

Thanks for any help you can give me!