For the last 7 years, I've slowly been building a collection of raw rookie cards. I've decided that I'm going to begin getting some of them graded with sgc. I have two questions:

1. I have a 68 nolan ryan rookie that I believe would easily grade out at 88 or higher if it was centered well. In reality though, the centering on front is about 90/10 top to bottom. Left to right looks 50/50 to me. Would you bother to get this graded, and how much do you think the centering will kill it?

2. I have a 1961 Ron Santo rookie that is pristine in my opinion, but after comparing it to my Billy Williams card from the same year, I found that the Santo card is about a millimeter shorter. I know that I didn't trim the card, but is this proof that it has been? I'm not that familiar with card sets pre 1970. Is it possible that it came from the factory like this?