As respected collectors, I am looking for some general feedback regarding a proposed book from F+W Media on regional food card sets. The book (table of contents and sample cover photo attached) will look at various regional issues: Esskay Meats, Post Cereal, JELL-O, Stahl-Meyer Franks, etc.

Not a price guide, this provides a background of the regional issue, its intricacies, a flavor for collecting them in that era and its resulting popularity today.

In this publishing climate, I need to present support for such a book prior to approved publication.

You can find a link to an essay that more clearly defines the topic and offers some insight to the style of writing, etc. Beware, it's a little lengthy. Regional Food Issues

If such a topic interests you, E-MAIL ME at the link at the bottom of the essay or comment on the site itself. Thank you.