I have a near set of 1955 Topps baseball that I am interested in trading. The cards are a very consistent EX/EX+ throughout - maybe some Ex/Mt, but no VG/EX - no upgrading needed. Rather than tell you what is included, it's easier to tell you what is missing to make this a complete set:

2 Ted Williams
47 Hank Aaron
123 Sandy Koufax RC
164 Roberto Clemente RC
187 Gil Hodges
194 Willie Mays
198 Yogi Berra
210 Duke Snider

Several of the stars are graded a 5 - Banks, J. Robinson, Kaline, Killebrew RC, Rizzuto. A few others were graded a 5, but I cracked them out: Mathews, Spahn, Zimmer RC, Rhodes. I have the flips and can include them with the cards.

I value this near set at $1900 and looking to get that much in trade. I figure the set can be completed for another $1900 - $2100 if you buy them graded a 5 - maybe less if you buy raw. So for about $4K you would have a pretty decent set.

I'll post some scans tonight.

Things I am looking for in trade (can be raw or graded):

T206 (VG-VG/EX)
E90-1 (VG-VG/EX)
Other T or E HOFers (VG-VG/EX)
1933 Goudey (VG/EX to EX)
1941 Play Ball (VG/EX to EX)
1954 Topps Aaron RC (EX or better well centered)
1954 Red Hearts (Graded 7 or higher well centered)
1956 Topps Mantle (EX or better well centered)
1956 Topps T. Williams (EX or better well centered)
Other '50s HOFers (EX or better well centered)
'60s HOFers (Ex/Mt+++ or better well centered)

I am only interested in trading. I could be persuaded to sell, but the price would be $1900 very FIRM. I am not interested in breaking it up, please don't ask.

I have scanned the first and last 8 cards in the lot so you can get a good idea of the overall condition. I've also scanned the stars.

First 8:

Last 8:

Graded stars:


Collecting 1965 Topps High #'s SGC 88 or better: 10/91

BUYING Well Centered:
1956 Topps SGC 84 or Better (or raw equivalent)
1965 Topps SGC 88 or Better (or raw equivalent)