It seems the moderator on the CU board didn't like some of my comments questioning the corruption that has been going on between PSA and the big consigners. Rather than address the questions in a professional way they just silence you by banning you.

Not that I really need their corrupt services, but I really had a lot of good card contacts on the boards, I'll get another account set up to keep in touch with those collectors.
I had a few card deals in progress and hope those I was dealing with don't get mad that I haven't responded to them.

Its really sad that a company that was founded on helping protect the card hobby from fraud has abandoned its integrity and fallen prey to the greed and corruption it initially set out to help protect the hobby and its collectors from.

The funny thing is that many of the top PSA collectors are very much aware of the corruption, but are willing to overlook it as long as it doesn't effect the value of "Their" cards.

I guess my comments that some of the PSA Registry collectors could care less weather a card is fake, trimmed, or given Prefered grades for the big consigners, celebrities or just for the notority and exposure of having rare/high profile cards in their slab, as with the trimmed Hornus Wagner, the very questionable grading on the Dimentri Young cards to the Black swamp questions doesn't really matter as long as it looks good in the set registry and the money is there.
And lets not forget the .05 money grab scam.

Its really sad to see many collectors abandon their own integrity and allow themselves to be played for fools, as long as the money and value is there.

I guess its just the world we live in where people are willing to throw their own mother under the bus to make a buck.


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