I was looking back in my photobucket at cards that ive sold in the past. Wishing now i would have kept a few but wanted to post some pics. I know this topic has been brought up before but here are some of my pics i wanted to share. Please share similiar pics if you would like.

The 84 Clemens was one i always wanted.

Loved watching John Elway and still to this day the 84 Topps football set is one of my favorites

Im still kicking myself for letting this one go
but it did pay for my daughters gymnastics meets for the year

Still no absolutely nothing about hockey but this was the card to have.....

Still to this day my all time favorite football set (even over the 65 Tallboys the 81 Topps football set.

Here are just a few.........photobuckets jacking up and I can't get my other ones on here.......more to follow.
Working on the following sets:
1966 Topps Football
1964 Topps Football
Upgrades to 65Topps Football