I have a few stars that I always try to pick up because I feel like the hobby has under rated and maybe eventually it will wake up. My list in the order I look every show I go to.

1. Stan Musial (only has a few cards out there compared to alot of legends but Stan the Man's cards always seem soft to me). The man was the national league version of Williams and arguably a better hitter than Aaron or Mays.

2. Hank Aaron I mean compared to Mantle his stuff is cheap! I think when he passes his stuff is gonna rise along with...

3. Willie Mays Find me a baseball book that doesnt have him 1 or 2 on the list of best ever! Not many that dont yet his stuff lags for some reason I realize his stuff is pricey somewhat but I see reasonable bargins on his stuff alot.

ok those are three I know there are more and that these are pricey but I really think that all of there stuff is kind of undervalued somewhat. I might get my head bit off by some modern guys but I cant see paying crazy money for a Gem Mint Strasburg rookie (I mean it was made yesterday shouldnt it be mint?!) when I can get a nice card of the Say Hey Kid for the same price or maybe cheaper.

Dont get me wrong I am a junkie I have plenty of favorites today and from my era (late 70's and 80's) and I think Votto is going to be a special player. Just a new thread to get us talking.