33rd's post about the perception of SGC is my inspiration for this thread.

While I love the quality and consistency of SGC grading and the speed of their service, I feel there are things that can be improved.

I can't ever see it happening, but I wish the holders where smaller. That way I could fit more holders in a box, which would result in less boxes.

Speaking of holders, fix the frosting on the edge. It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens enough. It can give the impression that the case has been tampered with.

Improve the black background for T series cards. It seems mine all come back with the cards crooked. I have to tap the edge to center the card, but if the holder gets knocked the card can get off-center again. Maybe thicker plastic will work.

Would like to see the 1-100 scale dropped. Especially now that the 1-10 scale numbers are on the flip. Sometimes it's better to conform to the industry and I feel this is one of those instances.