I know all of us have favorite cards that have there own little meaning to them besides the dollar amount next to there name (or not) in Beckett or VCP/SMR. For me its a 1956 Jungle Jim Rivera. I have no scanner so I cant post an image of this card but it was the first vintage card I ever bought at my local hobby shop (where I worked part time) in 1985. I was thirteen and up to that point I only really bought packs and opened them trying to complete the new topps set each year. It was horizontal, old, and had a painted picture of him making a leaping catch robbing a home run. I bought it because I thought it was differnt and in my young undeveloped brain I figured I could somehow collect these old cool cards and get a whole set one day. I went home and showed the card to my father and that card sparked a long long explanation of who Jungle Jim was, how the GO GO White Sox were the team that was suppose to beat the damn Yankees every year in the fifties and how he remembered buying those cards as a kid. Needless to say I went back to that shop, bought more old cards, brought them home and got more leasons.

1956 Jim Rivera will always be my favorite even though hes a common and I can obtain hundreds of them now. Plus its just an awesome card! Whats your's!