Like the Net54 board I know this board is mostly baseball guys. Baseball, Basketball, Non-Sport and heck even Hockey! I have scattered stuff in these areas, but my main collecting focus is Football cards.

Im primarily a raw collector, but I do enjoy the few graded sets Im involved with.

Sets Ive been working(70 thru 89 for decades now)

Ive been working on this set for 3-4 years now.
When I started out my goal was centered 80 EXMT and somehow I ended aquiring 84 NM or better. I still will take a nice centered 80 EXMT.

about the same time I decided to work on a 1957 Topps Football set. Again I started out looking for centered EXMT card but again somehow always seem to escalate to NM or better cards.
I got the Unitas a few years ago. The registration was a bit off, but the card had everything I wanted. nice corners and centered.
Although I knew the card was legit. I sent it to SGC to see what they thought. They graded it an SGC 80 which I think was do to the registration of the card. I removed it from the slab to put back in my raw set. Im very happy with the card.

I posted the Starr and Raymond Berry just recently here on the SGC board.

These two Both came from PSA 7 Holders.

A couple of VERY nice Ebay finds

I still need about 40 cards to complete the set including YA Tittle, "Nighttrain Lane" The Tommy McDonald Rookie. Been having trouble finding nice centered ones lately. Even in PSA and SGC NM slabs.

I got a 1960 Topps Set from "Big Daddy Bowman" Ryan a couple of years back but I haven't got around to scanning the set. I got many very nice cards from Ryan including many of the 57's

For over 30 years Ive been working on my 1970 to 1979 Topps Football sets. My goal is assemble the finest cards in the hobby into these, My childhood sets.

1970 Topps Football Set
At one point I started to have this set graded and then became dissillusioned with the whole TPGing thing and the cost. I broke at least 35 -50 cards back out of the PSA cases and returned them to the raw set.

All of these were cracked back out of PSA 8,9 slabs

You would think that after 30 years that the set would be HISTORY, but NOOOO I still always manage to have a "wantlist" How has Card #47 Dave Osborn managed to avoid caputure for so long?

Gotta run for now. I'll be back with more FOOTBALL!