Many CU board members who were following my "Building the Perfect 1988 Topps Football Set" Thread were asking about these Killer sets.

After breaking almost 60 Boxes (Wax, jumbos, cellos)I finally have them all sorted.

After disgarding all the junk cards (wax stains, creases, miscuts, print flaws) I was finally ready. While I had the ability to make 30-40 sets, I choose to concentrate on making 5 of the most beautiful 88 sets your likely ever to see.

I believe they are instant Registry sets on any Graded card set registry. While the big Dealers cherry pick the best cards for grading and then offer the leftovers as NM-MT or Mint sets, we all know those sets are just not so.

Here I have did the opposite. I have cherry picked only the best cards for these sets right down to the last common card. Yes it was very Time consuming, but I feel the results speak for themselves.

There are NO: wax Stains, creases, bent corners or major print flaws. Centering is dead on and there is nothing less than 60/40.

True there is no shortage of 88 Topps Football Sets. But there is a shortage of anything being offered in this truely high grade condition. If your looking for one of those Big dealer sets for $25-40, These sets are NOT for you.

SET #1 $100 delivered SOLD******
This set will rivial anything in the Top five of the PSA set Registry. Mint 9 to Gem Mint 10 cards here. Each Set also includes the 1000 yd club glossy insert set. Also included in each set are:

*One original Empty Wax box, cello Box and Jumbo box(these will be shipped flat and are easily reconstructed)

* Ten(10) Wax Wrappers
* Ten(10) Cello Wrappers
* Five(5) Jumbo Wrappers
* One Dozen (12) original Sticks of Gum

Razor sharp Key Rookies! Every bit as sharp as the Graded Bo and Elway. That Chris Doleman Rookie could easily pull a 10, as could any of the others.

I figured you have a couple of options if you wish to obtain a set of this high quality and grade.

#1 Buy one of the top Graded sets from the PSA set Registry. 398 cards x $10? not to mention the top stars and rookies will be $20-$50 each. You do the math.

#2 for $100, you could buy 4 wax boxes and try to make the set. That ain't going to happen. It took me 60 boxes to be able to put together these truely high grade sets.

SET #2 $100 Delivered

Like set #1, An instant top 5 registry set here if one so chooses to go the graded route. Again with beautiful 60/40 or better centering throughout. NO; Creases, wax Stains, bent corners, etc...

Virtualy the same set as #1 other than the Graded John Elway. Again, your simply not going to assemble a set like this for less than 100 bucks.

Now lets take a look at some of the key Rookies.

Again we start out with another Mint 9 Bo Jackson Rookie. Anymore the key Rookie has become the Chris Doleman card after his HOF induction, and again we have a top flight Doleman Card. Its nicer than the Graded Bo Jackson. All of the other Rookies are sure to grade high as well.

Now some of the Star Power of the set. Like Set #1 there is plenty of 9,10 power here,

Like Set #1, This Set also comes with a super nice 1000yd Club Glossy insert set, as well as the same assorted wrappers, boxes and Gum.

Set #3 comming next!!!!

Set #3 $75.00 Delivered
Set #4 $57.00 Delivered
Set #5 $57.00 Delivered

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