In light of being banned on the CU board for questioning the possible corruption that goes on concerning the questionable and favorable grades that big clients and consignors like Probenstein seem to mysteriously accuire over and over,

I was wondering just how far the CU board Mods would go to make those who question their authority disappear?

With their Ironfisted refusal to allow ANY kind of transparent discussion to address the concerns and legitimate questions the collecting community might have concerning the possible fraud and corruption I wanted them to address, It became even more obvious that there was something more to my "Banning" than....

"Your looking to start trouble by posting unfounded conspiracy therories"

I hadn't checked in awhile, but it now seems they have also removed my 1972 Topps Football set from the PSA Set Registry. It was setting at #2 for the longest time. It actually hit #1 briefly for a few days.

Why would they do this? What was it that they feared so much that they felt the need to try and silence me and completely make me disappear?

I did ream the Mods ass when they emailed me to ask if I wanted them to contact any of the board members I had deals going with. I basicaly told them that I would rather the deals fall through rather than have a liar and cheat like you speaking for me.

Conspiracy Theories?

We all know the Trimmed Hornus Wagner card was conviently overlooked in order to get it into a PSA holder for the noterity and exposure it would bring the company. Your Top graders unknowenly misgrade a card of that stature?
I wasn't telling anybody nothing new here.
"Conspiracy Theory?"

Joe Orlando's famous speech about how PSA would NEVER go to the half grade system (thus validating SGC which already had the 1/2 grades)
Only to flip flop on the issue when he realized what a money grab it would be by sticking it to PSA collectors by baiting them into paying a second time to have cards "Reviewed"
Surely this was obvious to everyone, even the PSA apologists had to know this.
"Conspiracy Theory?"

The mysterious top grades Demetri Young had on weak cards? Again a High profile celebrity collector with some "favorable" Grades
"Conspiracy Theory?" Maybe.

The Multitude of weak cards in PSA 10 holders that seem to be available from 4 sharp corners.
"conspiracy Theory?" Again Maybe.

The Probenstein PSA 8 Art Shell Rookie that mysteriously became a PSA 10 in a matter of days?
"Conspiracy Theory?" I think it a legitimate question and concern that any respectable company would look to openly address and explain.
By banning any and all who raise these concerns it only adds fuel to the fire and cast even more suspicions that there is something more going on.

In todays world of Greed, Fraud and corruption, its getting harder and harder to believe that the company that initially sought to proect the hobby has somehow now fallen prey to the very things it once set out protect against.