I need to bring to everyone's attention the code of conduct and rules that govern our forum's board. I have read many offensive and objectionable posts of late by certain members who have been using this platform to debate personal differences and to resort to name calling. SGC will not tolerate anymore of this and if it continues by any member, you will not be warned from this post on, but will be removed and banned. If anyone is using alternative identities on this Board, you need to remove them. If SGC determines anyone has created or is using an ALT identity you will be immediately banned and no longer allowed to participate on our Forums Board. I would like to emphasize here that the forums board is both offered as a means to present SGC updates, news of events and the ability for other collectors to congregate and share collecting/Hobby related interests and not off topic or personal agendas. I want to commend the members who have always been courteous, helpful and offering their support to other collectors here. Please continue to share your Hobby enthusiasm and interest and keep this forum a positive place to interact with. Thanks to all who participate here and add such a positive experience to each other and our Hobby as a whole. It is what this forum should be about!