I ask this question because I think the two major companies (SGC/PSA) look at certain qualties of our cards differntly. This is just my opinion and I know its been discussed on here before but so what right?

My personal pet peeve on my cards is the centering, its the one quality I cant get past. I recently crossed two high dollar cards (for me) from SGC to PSA (I know I know) but I have all of my 55 and 56 cards in PSA holders and decided to keep it that way. I sent two nicely centered 55's, an Aaron and a Berra. They both came back higher, the Aaron a 7.5 and the Berra an 8. I have a 55 Williams SGC 86 thats slightly off Left to right but strong everywhere else. I am fairly certain it would come back a 7 if I sent it to cross. So I have decided to just wait and look for a strong Williams card in a PSA and keep the other one to. Long story short I think they (SGC/PSA) look at centering differntly when considering a grade.

My list goes this way