have been reading the forum off and on for a while but have never posted. I realize part of what I am asking is repetitive, but I want your opinions of my specific case.

I collect vintage baseball. I recently completed a 1953 Topps set. It probably averages out mid-grade overall, with some a little better, some a little worse. Some of the set is graded, but most of it is raw. Most of the major star cards are graded, but not all. Now, I have a 1950 Bowman set underway. I recently purchased the Jackie Robinson in the set. It is raw and probably grades out ex/ex+. Would I be wasting my time and money getting it (and those 1953 Topps stars) graded? I am a collector, not a dealer. I love the hobby and am not looking to sell. I know this stuff is solid,mid grade,probably in the 4.5-6.5 range. I have collected for20+ years. I have had experience with third party grading, most of it PSA. If I do anymore grading, it will be with SGC. I know many of you have some definite opinions on this subject. What do you think about my case??

Generally speaking, I like 1950s baseball. Most of the stuff I collect, I can afford mid-grade or sometimes a little better. I look for cards free of creases, markings, stains, etc. I have learned to live with a little corner/edge wear. Sometimes I compromise on centering if it is the right card. I buy raw or graded, it just depends on the situation. I will never be hung up on registry sets, but I often have my stars graded and commons ungraded.

Sorry to ramble! What do you guys think? Send to SGC or not???