Been sharing card collecting with friends at work and Gunny Jackson a buddy of mine said he had several boxes of cards in his attic. My initial though was "man ive seen that on ebay alot Gunny but ok bring em bro". Well just got off the phone with him and he told me a few things and sets he had. He is wanting to sell these items and told me to ask if anyones interested. He is brining his hoard of cards tomorrow to work. I will do my best to get pics on my iphone for those interested. Alot of what he told me over the phone was Mid 80's and Early 90's stuff but he may have some 70's as well. No 58's so he thinks but my fingers are crossed. Here are a few unopened factory sets he has. And yes they are again 80's and 90's of the sets that is...

1989 Upper Deck Factory set with high numbers
1989 Donruss Sets x 2
1991 Topps baseball sets x3
1991 Upper Deck baseball sets x2
1991 Fleer Baseball set
1992 Topps Basebal set
1992 Upper Deck Baseball set

He said he had alot more but that would fill up the back seat of his SUV so I guess we will find out but just wanted to get any feelers as to anyone whom might just want some newer stuff.

He also apparently has hundreds of singles of basketball, football etc so again I will let those interested know.

Thanks guys


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