So, I'm sitting at my desk Saturday afternoon watching the New Mexico Bowl and I see the mail carrier coming towards the house with a package. Well, it's a little too early for my sub to have popped and what cards I had coming from Ebay were singles so it couldn't be that, must be something the wife ordered. The carrier hands it to me and I see who it's from so I rip into real quick. Once I got past the strips of bubble gum and card wrappers, I find myself holding the finest hand collected set these hands have ever held. For some time I had admired the sets this board member was putting together and the perfection he put forward in doing so, okay OCD, never once thinking I would be lucky enough to possess one.

So a special thank you goes out to John "bigredone" for being so thoughtful and generous. I've come to know John a bit here in the past few months and he's just one heckuva nice guy. He is not only generous with his time and cards to fellow board members, but he's also generous with his time in his community. A couple of weekends ago he was telling me about him and his son donating cards to a toy drive honoring a fallen hero from his community. He's made of the "right stuff" and he's teaching his children the "right way" of approaching life, kinda unusual in this day and time.

He along with several others on the board have provided me with so much information and insight as to what true collecting is all about, all of you know who you are, and again a special thanks goes to you as well. John has a passion for the hobby and perfection, or OCD, few can match. Did I fail to mention, he also has a tremendous sense of humor. And not the least of which, he's one heckuva scanning technique instructor and coach.