There are many different collecting styles, and I have always considered myself more of a set builder. I love building Topps baseball sets and my ultimate goal is to one day have a complete set of every year from 1952-73. Im very close to finishing 54, 55 and 56 Topps sets and hope to complete those three this next year. Im slowly working on other sets from the 50s and 60s as well. All of my sets are raw with the exception of the stars, most of which are graded SGC 5 or better. I choose to collect raw sets because theyre easier (and less expensive) to complete.

For some time now, Ive been thinking about doing a high grade SGC registry set. The years I considered were 56, 59, 60 63 and 65. I chose these years because of their bright colors. After a lot of consideration, Ive settled on 65 Topps. This is a project for my own enjoyment and I dont really care where my set ranks on the registry. Im not doing it to be competitive or to be number one, just doing it for fun. That means there wont be any upgrading.

My goal is for 8 or better throughout. I know its a slow process and I hope not to get frustrated and lose focus. Im going to start with the high numbers first and Ive already picked up my first six. Ill try to keep this thread updated with my progress during this project. Thanks for looking and any suggestions from other set registry builders would be appreciated.

First 6 in my registry...

Collecting 1965 Topps High #'s SGC 88 or better: 10/91

BUYING Well Centered:
1956 Topps SGC 84 or Better (or raw equivalent)
1965 Topps SGC 88 or Better (or raw equivalent)