Hey, Topps! Great idea for a subset. I believe 1960 was the first issue that had them (commemorating the first West Coast Series in 1959 between Dodgers and Pale Hose).

Here's one of my favorites, from 1965 Topps (St. Louis taking 4/7 from the old and bruised up Yanks in October 1964), a real knock-down, drag out with momentum shifting multiple times per game. Gibson was clearly the pitching star for the Cardinals with a 2-1 record and 3.00 ERA. He came back on two days rest to hurl a complete game 7 and give the crown to St. Louis.

Ford and Downing disappointed for NY, while youngsters Stottlemyre and Bouton combined to go 3-1. The Yankees belted 10 HR (Mantle had 3) while the Cardinals played a lot of small ball, with 5 HR peppered in for good measure. Shannon, Boyer and McCarver had timely clouts in the clutch to stun the NY-9.

I've owned these for a while and just upgraded the Bouton to MINT 9 (meaning the 8 is available for those of you in Rio Lindo).

TRIVIA QUESTION: What's wrong with the Mantle Clutch HR photo?



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