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I have a nice lot of 50(44 different) of these popular movie stars cards if anyone might be interested in starting a set.

I absolutely feel in love with these beautiful embossed cards. They were issued in 1934 by Garbaty cigaretees and issued in packs of Kur Mark cigarette packs.

The majority are in VG-EX condition with no mount damage. It includes cards from both series 1 and 2
Surprisingly the cards are still fairly affordable, although they have been brought to the forefront of the hobby since being featured in SMR and other hobby publications the last few years and been gaining in popularity ever since.

This lot includes 2 of the Popular Greta Garbo cards as well as the Series two Katherine Hepburn card, both being the more sought after stars in the set.

To find out more about this beautiful and historical set of cards and its interesting link to WWII please click the link below.



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