Thought some might be interested in my latest find. I have never actively looked for cards but have had a few minor finds that have come to me over the years. Usually Red Man cards because of my website, and a nice find a few years ago of over two hundred 1911 S74 Silks with backs. The silks graded SGC 30-50 which actually is real good for that issue, and netted me around $30,000. I have never had the monster Red Man find as the cards have typically graded SGC 84 or less. I once had a nice 1933 Goudey find but the cards were rough PSA 4 or worse.

My daughter's softball coach from 1991 has been telling me for years that he had some old cards. I would always tell him I would be glad to look at them, but never pushed it because I fully expected the cards to be 1970-80's stuff in poor condition as is usually the case in these situations.

After 20+ years, he finally called and told me he wanted to sell his cards. I said sure, lets get together some time and do it, and he replied how about in 15 minutes. What better way to spend an afternoon than looking at baseball cards, although I still did not expect much.

He walked into my house carrying three large shoeboxes. I still haven't actually counted the cards, but a couple of thousand sounds about right. The cards ranged from 1956 to 1962, and the condition was outstanding. Obviously, these cards had never been played with and had been kept stored away for over 50 years!

Now we all know, there is mint, and there is MINT. I would describe these cards as "minty". Nice corners but some dings on a fair percentage. Original gloss. Centering about what you would expect, all over the place. Nice selection of stars, but few high series and no big dollar variations. Sorry Blackie, I saw some 1958 Herrera cards but no missing A.

I am guessing the cards will grade mostly SGC 80-84, with hopefully a good number of SGC 88. This was confirmed by the fact that the guy's son in law had sent 10 of the cards to BVG. The following I have already listed on eBay: 1956 Jackie Robinson BVG 7, 1956 Clemente BVG 7, 1958 Mantle All Star BVG 6, 1960 Aaron All Star BVG 7, 1960 Berra BVG 8, 1960 Mantle BVG 8, 1960 Mays BVG 7, 1960 Clemente BVG 7.5, 1961 Aaron BVG 6 and 1960 Mantle All Star BVG Authentic.

Six of the cards have already sold. BVG cards sell at a discount but I have been surprised that there seems to be a demand for BVG graded cards. Hate the labels, but the holders are sort of nice. Total sales so far over $1,000 with the Mantle BVG 8 still to go.

My game plan is to grade 50 or so cards at a time, sell them, and grade some more. BVG is not an option, and the thought of dealing with PSA and the wait time ruled them out. So my first sub of 32 cards went to our beloved SGC. The grades should pop in the next few days. If there is an interest, I will let you all know how it goes. I'm not trying to influence the graders, but there is a lot more cards to submit if I don't get killed on the grades LOL.

Right now I am concentrating on the low hanging fruit. At some point, I will need to decide what to do with all the commons. Unfortunately, It doesn't pay to grade commons if they do not grade SGC 88. I would appreciate any advice.

Oh, by the way, the guy called yesterday, and asked if he could come over. He found three more boxes in his closet!

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