Listed here are 47 different cards plus one double that didn't quite make my 58 set grade but would be a nice little starter set to the 1958 Topps baseball set. I have attached a scan of the front of each card for you to look at. Some cards have creases...some have writing on the is miscut but still would look nice if your building the set. Includes some tougher low numbers with it. Ranges from Poor to EX

Here are the numbers:
12,14,15,21,28,41,59,69,74,83,91,92(2), 112,114,135,138,139,148,149,171,188,191,203,207,210,219,223,239,242,243,268,276,280,311,327,337,365,389,410,416,422,430,434,439,489

more scans coming
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