New to this whole "Graded" thing, so please excuse me...

Tonight I went to "Vintage Stock". I dont know if they have these in your neighborhood, but this place is mostly used video games, Movies, CD's and that sort of thing. However this on also has sports cards and as sad as it sounds, they have better stuff then ANY card shops in my town.

Anyways, I picked up a 1961 Topps George Blanda. Now my question is this, this card is absolutely GREAT!! the only two issues are the bottom left corner is a VERY tiny bit dinged, almost un noticeable unless you look hard and are "looking" for a problem. Even on the back, in the more noticeable blue background, it is not noticeable.
OK, but the other problem is this, the black outline on the front, on the left side, it has a printing "error" where the ink fades, instead of a sharp Straight line. My question is, does this count off on the grading?
I know stupid question, but the reason I ask is that I looked on Ebay and I see this card in way worse shape, and they rate them "NM", but this is the print, not corners/edges.

BTW, I bought a 77 Largent Rookie in ABSOLUTE MINT!! Not graded, but this card is AWESOME!!! Corners are perfect, edges are great, and has PERFECT Centering.

Here is the thing thou, I think somebody was switching card holders because I got BOTH cards for $1 each. For a 1961 George Blanda & 1977 Steve Largent, both gradable, my total was $2.18!!