Today, just might have been one of the top 10 days in my entire life, because of the fun I had with my 10 year old son (I have a 20 year old son and 3 year old daughter too), and I have this hobby of card collecting to thank. So I thought I would share it with my collecting buddies.
Today, there were 2 card shows in Kansas City, one on the Missouri side and one on the Kansas side. I live 45 minutes west of the KC.
So I have been working my 10 year old into collecting, after his "PokeMan" craze. First off, the 45 minute drive, we turned the radio off and just talked. Talked about KU basketball, card collecting, who I thought was the best QB of all time, and other worldly topics.
We get to the first show (Missouri) and it was a bust. However, I think I accidentally ticked a dealer off. I saw he had a T-206 Jim Delehanty graded in Poor, and knew they went for around $30-$50 (You can "buy it now" on Ebay for $30), so I was expecting him to say maybe $60. I asked how much he was asking for it, he quickly relied "$100", It happened to quick and I didnt have time to think, and I just "WOOOA" really loud and turned around and walked off.
So we went to the Kansas show. I found the 1970 Bubba Smith right off the bat, he had $20 on it and I told him I could buy it on Ebay right now for $5. He replied "then buy it from me for $5". Right off I knew we were in business. Couple tables later, I found a STACK OF MY 1972 HIGH #'!!
I bought 11 of them, all in EX shape for $75.
So then I found a box full of 1958 & 1962 Topps, and a bunch of old Fleer & Philadelphia. About 250 cards, for $40.
So my wad was spent. SO I told my son he could shop. He then found 35 of his favorites for $7. Bunch of the newer guys. But when we left, he told me I was the best Dad in the World for letting him buy them!!
So we then stopped in at "Cheeseburger In Paradise" and had lunch together.
This hobby has brought me and my son together and I thank it for that.
Sorry to post this story on here, but you all are my collecting brothers!

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