This link provided has details of a benifit that one of my close friends is doing for a young lady that has an inoperable brain stem tumor.
My friend is the man in the interview, and is the High School Baseball Coach for Washburn Rural High School. Him and I have been really close friends for over 25 years. He (and I) are friends with the Seaman High School Baseball coach, which is the district she goes to school in.
One April 26th, Washburn Rural plays Seaman (which is my old High School where I graduated from, but now I live in and my kids are in Washburn Rural). Tickets to HS Baseball games are free, but they are taking donations for Morgan at the door.
As seen in the link, they also having a Silent Auction which starts at 2pm and goes until the first pitch of the second game of the D-Header.
K.C. Royals player, Aaron Crow, who also graduated from Washburn Rural and is a former player for Tod at WR, is donating some things like signed ball, Jersey, and other things.
I am going to donate some of my more valueable duplicates in a basket, along with some penny sleeves and hard sleeves and plastic pages.
If you would like to donate some things as well, for me to put in the basket, let me know.
Thanks for looking, and I will report back with the success of the game and silent auction, in late April.
Until then, please pray for this young woman.
Thanks guys!