Well, after seeing that beautiful set of 86 Fleer Basketball Rob(vanSlyke)was building, I decided to build one of my favorite Basketball sets from my youth.

I started by placing bids on 90 cards, All SGC,PSA and BGS. To my surprise I ended up winning 78 of the 90 cards at an avg of $5.25 per card! That's Less than the grading fees! So i was very pleased to say the least!

A quick preview of some of the cards.

Now I do recall how fond we were of these "Super-Sized" cards as kids, but nothing could prepare me for the humongous slabs these things showed up in! I mean these graded holders were as big as a small notebook pad. It became immediately obvious to me that in order for me to be able to enjoy my new set that these monsterous plastic tombs had to go"

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