Just about caught up on my wants/needs and so moving on.
Still collecting 1972 Football High #'s, but just buying them as I see GREAT deals on them. Therefore, I am moving on to my next stage of collecting.
What I am doing is trying to collect, by player, JUST the main card. No "All Star", no "combo", no "In Action". Just regular issue.

For now, here is my want list.
The way the chart reads, if there is an "x", that means I DO HAVE IT.
If it is blank (and there a card issued that year of him) then I need it. Ones in red simply means they are within my budget and I should look to get them pretty easy.

So let me know if you have any of these for sale.
BTW, SMTjoy, I AM still planning on buying that one from you soon. Just looking for the budget to allow. If you sell it first on EBAY, thats cool, but if not, I AM still wanting it.