Today is day 20 on my April invoice (logged 4/24) and nothing but crickets. I've worn out my refresh button on Internet Explorer. Of course when it does pop, as we all know, the population report changes first, then a day or two later the grades post, with a couple of differences from the pop report. Never good news on the changes. Or is that just me? Wish I had the intestinal fortitude to forget about it until the postman rings the doorbell someday next week.

20 cards. All 1959 baseball. 1/3 PSA-slabbed crossover candidates, plus another 3 PSA crackouts and an equal number of SGC crackouts that I thought deserved another look. Only 1/3 truly new raw pickups. Gettin' scarce out there in raw land.

End of rant.
#1 in 1959 Topps. Officially known as Assassin according to stanthemanfan 3/31/2014 and god of minor league basketball according to cammb.