As everyone on this boards knows, I lovethe 1958 Topps baseball set and am going to do my best to hit 100% this year. But I have always loved the vintage and classic look of the 1954 Topps set. From the green backs to the action poses on some cards this set amazes me. With the help of another board member my long term (to cite Tony "my impossible dream"), I have put some cards into the registry. One thing I have noticed....the 54's are a bit more costly than the 58's. With that being said It will be a slow process. To begin with why I chose this set is simple......its the epitome of Awesome! Pure simple design made into a classic well known look. So here is my first post that I want to share with others to follow me on this, yet another venture into my madness. Well my hobby I should say so here goes guys......enjoy the scans...many many more to come

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