I got things i won in a auction, that i dont collect and like to sell.
Mainly Mantle stuff tho.

Currently on Ebay is the "salesman sample" Triandos with Mantle (back) 1964
with a B/O

but any interest in any of this:
Exhibits: 2-waist-up, 62 red stat back (SOLD), yankee team
62 stamps (mantle/aaron)
62 post- no lines #5
63 jello
64 tattoo (triangle)
65 transfer
66 rub-off
61 stamp (green)
68 american oil
68 all-star sticker (w/ signutre)
69 decal SOLD
60 tattoo portrait
60 tattoo autoball
54 Red Heart - SOLD
66 Dexter Press Premium
2- 1961 post uncut quad panels (Mantle,Skowron,Kubeck,Richardson/ Berra, Ford, Howard, Maris)
66 Mantle Exhibit (portrait) - SOLD
Dairylea Reflector Decal - SOLD

the other lot had some 1952 Berk Ross cards
really only wanna keep the graded mantle.

any interest just pm me.
Keeping the Dan-Dee, 54 bowman as well.

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also looking for 52 #311 A variation mantle
ROOKIE CARDS baseball & football.