Tried to list the condition as conservative as I can. LMK if your interested in one or all of them

457 Milt Pappas NM
303 Neil Chrisley EXMT+
34 Bob Thurman EX-EXMT
432 John Powers EXMT-NMT
211 Pete Burnside EX
38 Dick Gernert EX
128 Willie Kirkland EX-EXMT
308 Paul Giel EX-EXMT
157 Dee Fondy EX
73 Pete Daley EX
315 Bob Friend EXMT
120 Johnny Podres NM++
89 Billy Klaus NM oc
388 Billy Moran NMT oc
342 Jim Brosnan EX
262 Johnny Groth EX
69 Wally Burnette EX oc
197 Haywood Sullivan EX+
227 Gene Stephens EXMT
195 Whitey Lockman EXMT
36 Ted Kazanski EXMT+
247 Casey Wise EX very small crease top center
278 Mack Burn EX
39 Bob Martyn EXMT oc
185 Bob Nieman EXMT+
78 Dick Farrell (white team name) EX-EXMT
460 Chuck Essegian EXMT
405 Ken Aspromente NM+
416 Foster Castleman NM+
348 Chico Fernandez EXMT oc
331 Pedro Ramos NMMT

Asking 66.50 Dlvd for all or best offer (some of the cards pictured have been sold so see list for cards available)

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