Because I need to concentrate on ONE thing and stick to it, I have decided to complete my 1972 Topps Football set w/ High #'s before I buy anything else such as the 3-4 cards off fellow collectors here on SGC.

So if anybody can help in any way, such as selling, or linking me to a good online site (such as Mickey's Clubhouse or Sportlots) that you have had good experiences with, please let me know.

Here is what I need. Not big on condition, but can not be torn, holes, writing, paper loss, misscut (can be off center, just not misscut), or water damaged (warped).

267: Larry Little AP
271: Paul Warfield AP
273: John Brockington AP
280: Bob Lilly AP
290: John Gilliam
303: Nemiah Wilson
306: Preston Pearson
316: Rayfield Wright
323: George Atkinson
329: John Niland
334: Charley Taylor