I put these up on the Net54 board yesterday in the B/S/T threads (50's postwar)
For those that dont know;
I am also selling Mickey mantle items as well

A lot of items been SOLD so far. But plenty left to buy. Some items you will see on Ebay at a higher price. Thats to cover fees.
You can buy just thru me using Paypal gift or M/O upon request.

*** Sorry, but some may be fuzzy scan due to scanner

Heres the pics of the 52 Berk Ross Card
***Plan to keep the Graded Mantle


RAW MANTLE (does have crease)

UPDATED PIC--show where crease is

and its back side:

raw Mays (has crease/wrinkles) and Rizzuto

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also looking for 52 #311 A variation mantle
ROOKIE CARDS baseball & football.