Billim's Bisforst Bridge
This spell creates a solid crystal constituted by a solid bridge, while casting two positions specified (must be located within a distance of spells) will stretch out each half bridge, and in the center close up. The bridge can not be biological or physical material formed within the space occupied. Create a bridge surface must be smooth and continuous. Rainbow Bridge can be connected to neverwinter gold two different heights of the open space, as long as the rainbow bridge connecting these two positions in the inclination of not more than 45 degrees (ie, two pile Point vertical distance can not exceed the horizontal distance).
Rainbow Bridge thickness of 1 inch / per caster level. Per inch of thickness can carry 1000 pounds of weight. If the load weight exceeds the upper limit, the bridge experience fragmentation as a white powder in a disappear within. Every five square feet of the bridge there is 15:00 HP / per inch of thickness. Biological attacks automatically hit the bridge, but the bridge has 5:00 hardness. If any part of the value of life reduced to 0 or less, the whole rainbow bridge will collapse.