A week or two ago I asked if anybody on the boards knew of a good graded card sleeve to protect SGC graded tallboys. Scott sent me a few that worked out perfectly and holds the cards firm and secure. Here is a pic of one of my cards in the protected sleeve

You can hardly tell the card is in the sleeve in the scan. The case is now protected from scratching etc. Here is another pic of the card as well as my Namath rookie that has not been cropped with the protective sleeve or bag some call it..

The measurements of the SGC tall boy sleeve needed is 4 5/16 x 9 3/4 Again thanks to Scott for sharing this information with me.

Here is the website for any interested from ordering from GTbag.com My total cost for 100 graded sleeves was 12 dollars shipped. Good buy in my opinion to protect my collection.


Just wanted to share this with others...........
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