Hello everybody,

I received two pre-war cards in the mail a few days ago (from a member of another forum), and they were graded by SGC. The encapsulated cards are authentic-I looked at them under 10 x magnification. And the condition of the two cards are what I would expect based on the assigned grades. Also, the member who sent me the cards has a good reputation, so I am not assuming there is anything wrong.

However, one thing raised my eyebrow. When I looked at the two cards, with the flips side by side, the barcodes appear identical to the naked eye. Now, the cards in question were graded at the same time, and their serial numbers are only two apart, ie 800 1234-850 and 800 1234-852. I know that when examining a card from PSA, the same card should never have the same barcode. So, if I see two different 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr PSA 10s, and they have the identical barcode, something is up. I am unfamiliar with SGCs grading and encapsulating process, so I am wondering if this is normal with cards graded at the same time. My thinking is that a bar code is just the serial number represented graphically. Am I right on this? This is just information I'd like going forward, and it's better to ask than to assume.

Thank you!


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