Wuz readin' 'bout the scarcity of 1971 Topps cellos on the other board and it reminded me of a past experience. Some 15-16 years, me and another buddy were graduating up from weekend warrior, hotel/mall shows and decided to set up at one of the big Houston AstroArena shows (yes, there used to be two: TriStar and Sports Collectibles). We barely had enough cards to set up and compete.

Anyway, we heard a rumor that a guy was going table to table trying to sell a bunch of unopened 1971 cello packs. It was the talk of the show. Not too long after that, some wiry, small guy in his late 20's, early 30's brings a grocery bag up to our table and asks if we buy cards?

We look inside and it's the 71 cellos. Box after loose box of Gem Mint cellos. Each had a cellophane wrapper of 25 cards, inside the black box that Topps put them in back then.

Ooops. Sorry, there's the doorbell. Gotta go. Be back soon.
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