Although I didn't go totally overboard on unopened product in the 1990's, I did fall victim to the high end, "low production" releases at the time. What got me started was an unopened box of 1991 Topps Rack packs of the standard issue, 40th anniversary year. That's Chipper's rookie year. It has remained unopened. I also had a couple of the wax pack boxes, which I opened, and got a 1975 Mike Cuellar card as a vintage insert.

I also added the 1991 Stadium Club, series 1 & 2 to my collection in the mid-to-late 90's when it was still rumored to be in short supply. What a mistake that was, buying near the top of the market! They, too, remain untouched (Oh, boy!) They're probably stuck together inside the pack. \:\(

I also have 1990 Leaf Series I box (Sosa = dud), but have yet to add a Series II box (Thomas = ?), for some reason.

I put together the 3-series mega-size Charles Conlon set. Black and white photos featuring early 20th century players. The set was over 1000 cards, and look really, really nice in binder pages.

In 1992, I had great fun opening an putting together a Master Set of Fleer Ultra, including all the insert/chase cards. That's still a great looking set in 9-pocket pages, but the pages are probably worth more than the cards that reside in them.

I missed out on 1992 Bowman, 1993 Finest and of course 1991 Desert Shield.

What's your story?
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