My 2013 National sub of 1959 Topps Baseball has been graded. The results have not posted yet, but by monitoring the change in the population report, here are the preliminary findings. Some may change, based on past experience, but here's what I have so far.

Cards subbed - 30.
EXMT 80 - 2 cards.
NRMT 84 - 5
NRMT+86 - 7
NMMT 88 - 13 (incl. #62-Tony Taylor, easily the 2nd best card in the group and deserved better.)
NMMT+92 - 2 (#114-Earl Battey, #402-Hector Lopez-best card in the bunch, by far! s/b a 96 or 98.)
MINT 96 - 1 (#173-Monbouquette rookie)

At least 13 of the 30 will upgrade my set as they are "numerical" upgrades. Another 10 cards may be upgrades since they are numerical grade equivalents to what I currently have. I'll compare them side by side upon delivery.

As I moved down the invoice list from card 1 to card 30, the first 8 cards didn't start off too well. The grader was overly critical on a few of those, based on my memory of the raw card(s). But then at card #9, the grades took a decidely positive turn. Only two of the remaining 22 cards after #8 on the invoice graded less than 86.

More details to follow.
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