Thought I would share my "pay it forward" moment from this weekend.
When I first got on this board, 2 members sent my son a bunch of cards.
I promised I would pay it forward sometime.
This weekend I went to the card store just to see what he had. While I was in there, I young man, around 20-21, with special needs came in. The store owner immediately greeted him and was obvious he was a regular.
He went over to the penny box and told the owner, "I have 12 cents for cards today". The owner was very kind and we all three began talking about cards.
I then remembered my friends on this board. I asked the in a low voice how long the young man usually stays since I live only 9-10 minutes away.
He stated usually around 20-30 minutes. So left to come home. I quickly got a box of cards that I had put away for just such situation.
I quickly ran back to the store where the young man was still there.
I winked at the owner, then opened the box of cards (probably around 200-300 cards) and asked the young man if he would like to have them.
I almost started crying seeing how happy he was. That young man walked out of there like he was the proudest owner of anything!! He was smiling and almost jogging trying to get home quickly so he could go thru them.
REALLY makes the heart feel unbelievable.
Thanks again, to you know who you are on this board.